Monday, May 15, 2017

Wyndham Palm Aire---2 bedroom, rm 975:

Not on the beach, but this is the Wyndham in Pompano that is closer to where we use to live.  It's also much bigger, so there's usually upgrades available here.  We were in the main building where check in is held as well as music and a bar and cafe are---Fountain Palms.  I've stayed in this building several times and in Sabel Palms a couple times---never in the other buildings.  But I like this building---convenient to both pools. 
We were on the 9th of 10 floors.  The 4 bedroom presidentials are on the 10th. 

the master bath.
 I really don't like that the bathroom is open to the bedroom.  Looks like there were suppose to be shutters by the "jacuzzi", but they were missing.  I also don't like the little room to the left of the bathroom with the toilet in it.  At least it was private.   But I did like that the base of the lamps on the night stands had usb ports in it.
 view from our room towards the smaller of the 2 pools by us.  Still bigger then the one at Royal Vista.  We usually like going to this one better then the bigger one because it's usually not as crowded.  But they closed the big pool at least 2 nights while we were there so this pool got crowded those nights.
 view of the living area from the patio.  The dining room is off to the left of the front door---next to the 2nd bathroom.
 nice kitchen
 2nd bedroom.
 2nd bath
 the little dining room off by itself. 
 Right outside our door.  I liked being close to the elevators.  I thought it might be noisy, but other than some kids running in the hallways with super shooter water guns----until I stuck my head out the door and asked them if they were suppose to be doing that and where were their parents--- it was pretty quiet.  After playing responsible parent, there were no more problems.  The pretty flowers appeared a couple days after we got there.  They disappeared a couple days later.
Wonder if I'll be able to get any more 4 bd Presidential upgrades with the new Voyager system?   Doubt it, but we'll still stay here.  At least the rooms seem to be kept up better then the ones at Royal Vista.  Maybe in a few years it'll even be ocean front!!

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