Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7-11-18  day 4 in hospital

Just a look down our street at the progress of the new construction.  The house next to us is getting it's irrigation system added. 
Ken's ankle seems to be doing better---swelling is going down.  The brown spot is the iodine in the salve.
Back at home, I watched some of the construction workers for the 5 houses by us.  Interesting watching them work.  I even did a little work---painted the board on our mailbox and added numbers.  Pulled some weeds.  Planted my Hybiscus plant.  Put the bird feeder posts in.  Waited for ComSouth to come and hook our internet up.
Angie even came over and hooked up my desktop computer.  With it hard wired, it works perfectly!  So I have it in our master bedroom and my new laptop in the computer room.
Meanwhile, Layla loved laying on our bed.  She was talking up a storm and very loudly. 
Then it was time to head back to the hospital.  They don't have visiting hours.  You can stay as long as you want.  They just lock the front doors at 9pm and you have to enter/leave through the emergency room after then.  Most nights I stayed until about 10.
Finally getting some results.  The infectious disease Dr. came back today and said he has a Staph infection.  Now we have to wait on results for whether it's MRSA or a different type.  Hope it's not MRSA!!!  Also found out it's in the bone, so he'll have to have iv antibiotics for at least 6 weeks.  So she ordered a PIC line since the regular IV lines are only good for about 4 or 5 days.    She also wanted his wound drained, but Sripathi wants a 2nd opinion. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

7-10-18  day 3 in the hospital---ultra sound and MRI

Drove by Sripathi's practice on my way to the bank today (had a rent check to deposit).  Certainly is convenient to our new home!
Got to the hospital to find Ken gone---off to get an MRI.
As soon as he got back, he was off for an ultrasound. 
He certainly had enough different nurses and Dr.s. 
The wound care specialist came by when he returned and explained the proper way to care for a wound---keep it moist with a petroleum based salve (the one she used was full of iodine to help debride the wound) and keep covered--- changing it more frequently if it's oozing; or every 2 or 3 days otherwise (thus the reason they didn't change it when he came in).
Angie sent more pictures of Layla to make us smile.
I went to Angie and Josh's for a bit for a little Layla fix.
Josh happened to be gone for night, so Angie and I went out for lunch and dinner.  Layla, too!  She really seems to like water.
Still no word on test results.  Still getting more tests.  Finance did come in and collected the deductible---about $250 (not bad for 6 days in the hospital). 

Monday, July 9, 2018

7-9-18  day 2 in the hospital

His new primary Dr. came by this morning---Dr. Sripathi.  Plus an infectious disease Dr. consulted with him.  I believe she ordered an MRI (to see if the infection got into the bone) and an Ultrasound (to see if any of the arteries in his leg were clogged).  They didn't do them until the next morning, so he laid around just getting IV's with potassium and antibiotics.
Angie wanted to come visit, but we told her not to bring Layla to the hospital.  So she sent pictures to cheer us up.
Still don't know much about what's going on.  I was also a bit annoyed that they didn't bother to change the dressing I put on his foot until about 24 hours later---found out why later (again a lack of communication). 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

7-8-18  diabetes taking its toll!

I knew Ken had a sore on his ankle from the boot he's been wearing for the last 3 or 4 weeks due to his Charcots foot problem, but last time I had seen it (a couple days ago), it wasn't red and the wound was actually looking like it was either healing and had a little pus in it---couldn't tell which.  When I saw it last night when we were going to bed, I was shocked and terrified!!!!  I knew it was badly infected!  Not a good thing, especially for someone with diabetes!  So he promised me he'd have it looked at today.    This started out as a little blister about 10 days ago.
 So this morning, he insisted on getting the drier hooked up and even letting me help since he couldn't get behind it.  He also wanted to set the entertainment center up in the spare bedroom.  Then he took a nap.  When he woke up, finally he was ready to head to the hospital---about 2 pm (it was Sunday, so he had no choice but to go to the hospital).  He still claimed it wasn't serious, so I don't know if he went to ease my mind or he realized it needed help.  Regardless, I'm glad he finally went. 

 I showed the triage nurse the picture I'd taken before I dressed the wound this morning and she immediately got a wheelchair and took him right back.   They drew several vials of blood (to test white blood cell counts, and grow cultures to identify the bacteria, check potassium levels,  and who knows what else all the vials of blood tested ---they weren't too good about telling us why they were doing what they were doing--- and took an EKG)
 Wasn't long until they had IVs going and a heart monitor on him.  His white blood cell count was well over 15,000 (should be about 4500).  Potassium was about 2.9 (should be 3.5-5).  Blood pressure was low at 90/60. Later (via the internet), I learned that's another classic sign of an infection.  All things considered, he was a pretty sick puppy---but he still claimed to be feeling fine.
 He claimed to not be in any pain---except for a headache. Didn't even have trouble napping in the er.
 I wasn't surprised when they admitted him into the hospital.  I don't really think he was surprised either.  That did surprise me. 
 His new home for the next 6 days (5 nights).  At least it was a private room and he had TV and wifi.  Something we won't have at our new place for another week.
 Interesting board they fill out each day.  It was yet to be filled out here.
With IV's running continuously, he's hopefully on the long road to recovery.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

7-7-18 unpacking----

Sure seemed like we had a lot of stuff.  But when I got it unpacked, we still have a lot of cabinets to fill!  Ken will have to fill the upper 2 shelves, though---I can't reach them.
 The hard part was deciding where to put my decorative pieces.
 Since there's no shower curtain in the master bedroom, the 2nd bathroom is now my tropical one.  I love that shower curtain!
 I hate to say it, but the living room is already getting that lived in look!
 traded in the coral bedspread for the blue blanket now.
 and my desktop computer will be at home in the master bedroom. (one of the few things still at the kids' guest house)
Then I went and spent some time with Layla while the kids worked on their yard.  The bushes were in bad need of a trimming.  So Layla and I watched some of the World Cup soccer matches.
 Or should I say I did while Layla tried to get my phone.
 She's started doing a new thing this week.  She's learned she can make fart noises with her mouth.  And she does it quite well!
 She is such a funny little one!
 The kids even got her new crib mattress finally.  She does seem to like her new bed---now to get some crib sheets and try to get her moved into her new room and out of theirs.  I'm afraid she's grown pretty used to being able to wake up in the middle of the night and get Mom's attention!
Still pretty sore from all the moving yesterday, but glad we didn't pay $600 for someone else to do it.  Now if I could just sleep all night without waking up in pain from my hands in the early hours of the morning.  I'm afraid I have some corporal tunnel syndrome.  Have had bouts of it for a few years, but it usually only lasts a week or so.  Until then---I'll keep Ibuprofen in business.
7-6-18  Torrential rainfall!!!

Didn't start out too bad.  We even had a visitor today---this cute little guy.
 But by night time, it was storming like mad.  This was the most rain at one time that I've seen in a while. 
 Wouldn't have been so bad, but Angie and Josh's pool overflowed.  In fact their whole back porch had about 2 inches of water above pool level.  A week later they still haven't gotten the pool back in swimming order---and we're about to get rain again.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

7-5-18  moving in day!!!!

Today was a really exhausting day!  Today we got the rest of the furniture over---and most everything else.  2 more trailer loads, 2 more Edge SUV loads, and 2 or 3 Explorer SUV loads!  With Ken's bum foot, he got relegated to putting the dining room/kitchenette table back together and babysitting Layla.  Layla ended up sleeping most of the time, so he had a pretty easy job. 
 Fortunately we didn't have to move the couches!  They were part of the deal when we bought the house.  He wanted more sq. ft per $ for the house, so we had him throw in the living room set.
 the spare bedroom.  Would like to put a queen bed in there, but for now it gets the futon and the entertainment center.
 the other spare bedroom is my office.  Had quite the time getting the desk in!  Even with taking the bedroom door off.  It may have to stay with the house if we ever sell it.
 another look at towards the back of the house----love all the windows and light.
 Love having a mud room, too---and main floor washer and drier. 

 the master bedroom makes our King bed look so small!
 our huge shower.
 our HUGE bathroom!
 a third of our HUGE master closet! 
 Ken's stuff!!!!  Yep, that and the 2 drawers of the chest of drawers is all he has!
 When we were so tired and hurting, this little face made us smile.
 As did this!
Wish I could say I slept like a baby tonight, but I was too tired and sore to.  And Angie and Josh did most of the heavy lifting!    Sure glad this is all over.