Saturday, August 19, 2017

8-19-17  walking around in the preserve:

It's been so hot and humid lately that I've spent more time walking on a treadmill then walking in the preserve, but I do still make it out there now and then.  Instead of continuing to record my walking finds on a day by day basis, I figure why not group a bunch together?  So this is some of my finds between the last week in July and August.

 Ivy Creek right by our apartment complex preserve entrance area.
At the mill.  It's been rather dry here, not much water coming over the wall right now.
 more pretty wild flowers or weeds.
 remind me of dandelions on a bush
 another area of Ivy Creek.
 same area as above
near the end of the paved trail going West from the apartments.  It ends just over the fancy bridge.
 Then a dirt trail continues on.
 Hard to tell from these pictures, but there are some pretty good hills here.  This trail loops around and goes back to the bridge after about a mile.
 sunset over the preserve from Mall of Georgia Blvd right over the walkway.
 I believe this is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.  There seem to be quite a few of them around here.

 the brand new boardwalk along the East side of the Greenway.
 after the pavement ends to the East, this dirt trail continues about another couple miles.
 Heading back---our apartment complex is about a mile from the West end of the Greenway.
 I believe this is a Gulf Frittilary.
 With it being so hot and humid now, the best time to walk here is near sunset.  Too bad the view of sunsets isn't better from the trail.  Here is the back of one of the newly painted apartment buildings in our complex.  Ours backs up to the preserve, too, but far away from the trail.  We do enjoy the secludedness of our place!
 by the mill again.  The water is really low right now.  None going over the wall.
Still a lot of flowering "weeds", though.
hadn't seen these in the preserve before.  Must be their season now.
 These seem to be around for quite awhile
 a clearing along the East trail and a look at the interesting cloud cover.

 These guys are new right now, too.  Wonder what they looked like before they turned into these dried spiky things?

 part of the paved trail on the East side.
 only one of these guys I've seen.  Not many red flowers out along the trail.
 The clearing and the clouds on my way back tonight---a little closer to sunset. (This is looking North/East)
Who would have thought there were so many interesting weeds?!  Seems like each time I walk along the Ivy Creek Greenway, I see some different ones.  It's also interesting to check out the difference in the creek during droughts and rainy times.

Friday, August 18, 2017

8-18-17  in search of eclipse glasses:

So the big solar event of the century is happening in 3 days----and I still don't have solar glasses for it!  Angie and I talked about trying to go up to the mountains to where it's a total eclipse, but we didn't talk about getting glasses.  Now----they're getting really hard to find!  So when she called and said the Gwinnett County public library in Dacula was having a talk on the eclipse, then handing out free glasses, we decided to go to it.  I had called and knew they were going to start handing out surveys an hour before the talk, so we planned to meet there about 2pm.  I actually arrived about 1:50.  I was surprised to see a long line waiting to get in.  They were making everyone stay outside until 2, then they were handing out surveys.  The first 200 surveys had numbers on them.  If you got a survey with a number on it, you would get free glasses.  I was already something like 134.  I texted Angie and told her to get there pronto.  She said she was almost there---except that "there" to her car's navigation system was a field!  She made it about 2:10 and I told her to take my spot while I ran to the back of the line to tell the guy she was there and make sure she made it in the first 200 people.  She was 186.  By then the line was moving.  It was nice to get inside the air conditioned library.  It was another hot humid day.  Once in, we had almost an hour to wait until the hour long talk.  Angie went and registered for a library card.  I can't even remember last time I was in a library.  Brought back fond memories.  I remember spending a lot of time doing research at the library when I was in high school.  Wonder if any kids go to the library anymore?!  Anyway, the time went quickly and the talk was even a little informational.  I learned that you can't look at the sun through binoculars with the glasses next to your eyes because it'll melt the coating on the glasses.  Also learned it was OK to look at the eclipse and take pictures when it was at totality---for the 2 minutes or so.  Also that you can hold the lens of the glasses over your cell phone lens and take a picture, although I wouldn't imagine it'll be a very good one unless the phone has a great zoom. 
 So the time went quickly, then we waited for our glasses and were on our way. 
Now we're ready to go---wonder where we're going?!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

8-16-17  Old Federal Park sunset:

Since we were half way to the park from where we had dinner (Wings Wednesday at Friends), we headed to Old Federal Park for sunset.  I keep think one of these days we're going to have a really colorful one again.  But the clouds got pretty heavy at the horizon right before sunset.
 Fortunately we still got some color in the clouds off to the NE. 

 Sun setting into the clouds.

 Looking SE
 NE again---I'm on a peninsula for these pictures.
 Looking to the West, again, as I'm heading back to the car.
 But not before getting a couple more pictures.

Not the greatest sunset, but not bad.  Certainly a great way to spend an hour or so.

Friday, August 11, 2017

8-11-17 Gwinnett Braves baseball game:

Thanks to Josh, and him working for Cintas, we got to go to a Braves farm team game.  I don't know why we haven't gone there sooner!!!  It's about 2 miles from our apartment and it was a lot of fun!

 We  arrived early since our tickets included a free buffet.
 Tonight's menu included brats, dogs, burgers, salad, veggies, and desserts.   It was perfect ball game food---and very good.
 We even got all the free popcorn we wanted!
 Proof that Ken was there.
 Coolray Field.
 Not very crowded.  Which made it nice when it was time to leave.  I guess it's not too nice for the organization, though.
 view from our table.  Yes, we had a table---actually a half table---The Cintas season ticket table.  It has 4 seats around the round side of the table.  I really liked being able to sit at a table.
 they did a lot of activities to get the "crowd" involved, too.
 We lucked out with the weather.  After a week of rain, we had a rather pleasant night.
Chopper, the Gwinnett Groundhog even made his rounds.
 Angie and I got our picture taken with him!
 The Gwinnett Braves even won!
 Another view of the buffet area as we were leaving after the game.
 my wrist band
I think they only have a couple games left this year.  If we're still in the area next season, I hope we get to more of the games.
Thanks, Josh!
Thanks, Cintas!