Thursday, October 19, 2017

2017-10-19  Georgia State Botanical Gardens in Athens:

Today is Thurs---pickleball day.  I told Ken if he takes me to the mountains or to the botanical gardens in Athens, I'll forego pickleball today.  My knee is still pretty sore.  I hope to not have to give it up, but figure I'll let it heal more, then try to work back into sports at a less intense level.  Hopefully that'll work.  I hate to think I'm done with sports!
Anyway----we went to Athens to the free state botanical garden there.  Hadn't been since tulip season, so it was about time we got back there!
We even stopped for breakfast along the way---gotta love Huddle House!  Looks like someone loved it so much they tried to make it a drive through.
 It's a really pretty ride from Buford to Athens.  Most of it is through the countryside.   More barns to photograph.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

10-17-17  breakfast with our overnight guests and off to Atl Botanical Gardens with Angie:

Ken's brother Rick and his wife, Sue, made it here about 6 pm last night.  Just in time to meet up with Angie and Josh at Universal Joint for dinner.  Dinner and visiting was great.  Until we  went to drive away.  Ken noticed the side mirror was bent in, but didn't think too much about it.  He fixed it and we started to leave when a lady came over waving her arms.  Turned out she had backed into our car and left about a 5" long shallow dent in the drivers door.  We were in the 2009 Taurus instead of our new Edge only because Rick and Sue had parked behind the Edge.  Glad they did! She wants to pay to have it fixed and had someone she recommended.
 (We did take the car to the guy she recommended.  He said it would be over $350 and suggested having a paintless dent removal person look at it since he said the pearl paint is hard to match.  So we took it to a PDR place and was told because of where the dent is, he couldn't fix it.  Ultimately we called the gal back and thanked her for staying and telling us about the dent and we weren't going to have it fixed.  We suggested that if she wanted, she could make a donation to her favorite charity in whatever amount she wants.  Nice to know there are still people out there who take responsibility for their actions!  If it was our new car, it would be a different outcome, but fortunately we were in our 2009 Taurus that night).

Today we headed to Sugarhill Diner for breakfast with Rick and Sue.  They still had a 10 hour trip to get back to their place in Washington, Mo., so we visited over breakfast, then they took off from there.
 I took off shortly after that to play an hour of pickleball, then over to Angie's to head to South of Atlanta with her.  She won an auction for a piece of furniture and had to go there to pick it up.  Only problem was---the "buffet" was too large to fit into her Explorer!  (So she rented a van the next day and Ken went with her to pick it up.)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

10-14-17  walk for breast cancer walk for the cure:

I have to give the apartment management credit for coming up with activities to try and bring the residents together.  They've had a polar plunge, a movie night by the pool, a paw party for dogs and their owners, taco night, and I'm sure I'm missing a few more.  usually we're gone when they have them.  But we did make it to the taco night a week or so ago (where I met a gal who loves volleyball as much as I do.  We even met one night and peppered a bit, but that seems to be as far as that's gone.)  This morning I was up in time to do the Breast Cancer walk for the Cure.  In fact, i arrived about 8:59 (suppose to start at 9) and only 1 other person was there.  We sat and visited and wondered if we had the wrong meeting place, then Carol and her husband arrived (the office manager).  They even brought a ton of snacks!
 fitness waters, granola bars, fruit, and even cinnamon rolls for those who aren't there for fitness. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

10-13-17  Supranos Grill and Sunset Cove sunset:

I forget how Ken found this restuarant, but it's a nice little place that we've gone to a few times now--- just had to get away from the Mall of Georgia area.  I believe this is still part of Buford, but it's up I-85 a few more miles.
Today I happened to notice their juke box.  Gone are the days of the record players!  Now you put an app on your phone and play the juke box from your table!  It's neat and sad at the same time!
 Looking towards the kitchen.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

10-12-17  Pickleball!!!

FInally!!!!  I've found a group I feel comfortable in!  I was searching for more places to play volleyball or pickleball and came across this place in Suwanee (Suwanee Sports Club---or something like that).  They had pickleball listed from 11-1 on Tues. and Thurs.  That was perfect timing for me and Suwanee is close to us.  So I went.  Tues. we had 9 people there and 2 nets up.  They are a great group of people---mostly older like me, but with a few young or middle aged adults, too.  They are also all very good, but happy to have a newbie like me show up.  I had played twice before and had a very basic idea of how to play---somewhat like a mix between tennis and ping pong.  They were eager to coach me along and I think I've progress quite well for the short time I've played.  It is a lot of fun!!!  Thurs we only had 5 people, but the sitting out every 5th game was welcomed.  I'm happy to see that my heart and surgically repaired knee are doing just fine with the 2 hours of play.  Not so happy that my "good" knee is pretty sore for a couple days afterwards.  Hope that's just a getting accustomed to the new activity phase! 
The complex is mostly for volleyball clinics.  I hoped they would have adult volleyball, too, but they said there wouldn't be enough interest.
 A couple of the regulars. 
 A couple more.  Don't let the old people fool you!!!  They are quite the proficient players!!! 
So for $5 a day, or $25/month, I hope to be here a lot! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

10-11-17  New futon:

Ironically, this is the only piece of new furniture we have in the apartment.  And it cost about a third of what everything else did.  But we finally have some place for visitors to sleep.  With that in mind, we bought the best mattress for a futon.  It may even be more comfortable then our bed!  But finding it wasn't all that easy.  We went to 4 places before we finally found a decent one.  Fortunately I found a futon store about 15 miles from our place and they had a great selection.
Wasn't sure it would fit into our new Edge.  But it fit in with lots of room to spare!  
 Then came the fun of putting it together! 
 The back and seat finally done. 
We managed to get it together without killing each other.   Only took about 2 hours.
Perhaps the $60 delivery and set up fee would have been worth it!  On the other hand, I'm an old pro at putting them together now.

Monday, October 9, 2017

10-9-17  a walk in Ivy Creek Greenway:

Another late walk.  Didn't have to worry about the sun throwing shadows on the water---it was already low in the sky.  This is by our apartment complex overlook and picnic area.  I like to sit here and cool off after my walks or bike rides.
 The river just past the rapids---on it's way to our building.