Friday, March 9, 2018

3-9-2018  ride up into the Smoky's to Cades Cove:

Supposedly there was snow in the Smoky's.  So after the kids left for their weekend to Asheville, we took a day trip up to Cades Cove.
Stopped at a lot of places along the way up!
It was a bit chilly at about 45 degrees, but really didn't seem bad with the sun shining.
Even in early Spring the Smoky's is beautiful
We even picked up a sandwich from Subway on our way there and had a picnic by the entrance to Cade's Cove.  Such a beautiful place for a picnic!
after eating, I walked up the stream a bit

heading back to "our" picnic table.

Then we headed into Cade's Cove.  Right away we saw a bunch of deer.
There must have been a bit of rain up there since there were a few places the roads were flooded.
another guy along our way
Not sure if this guy is a deer---he looks pretty stocky. 
more deer with the mountains in the distance.  We couldn't really tell if the white in the distant mountains was snow or white rock face.
Like I said, there were a bunch of deer out today.
some of the trees were even beginning to leaf out.
the hazy distant mountains looked so mysterious.
the church along the loop.
just more scenery
and a wide angle scenic shot
zoomed in

there were even a bunch of daffodils growing wild up there.

just another deer.
daffodils along the road

another Tom
view from another flooded roadway
Ken loved this sign, so this is for him
Did I mention I love daffodils!?
there's even a few cemetaries along the route.
some pretty old stones

along the road
one of the farms along the route.  In the past we've stopped and walked around a couple of them, but today we just drove around.

along one of the side routes.
another farm house
another little stream
another deer

Heading back down the mountains.
it is such a beautiful drive

another stop along the river

there are usually a lot of people playing in the water here in the summer
there are also a lot of innertubes launched here in the summer.
part of the camp grounds---I thought it was really neat the way each site had it's own covered pavilion. 
Back near Knoxville---love all the flowering trees.
back at the kids' house, their fruit trees were flowing, too.
wonder if they'll get any fruit this year.
Jesse enjoying his yard.

Didn't see any snow in the mountains (at least none that we could touch), but it was a fun drive.