Monday, May 15, 2017

5-15-17  Time to visit the baby birds!

And time to move from Wyndham Royal Vista to Wyndham Palm Aire.  But not before witnessing a pretty impressive sunrise from our room.  It was about 6:30am.  I thought of going down to the beach, but figured it would be over by the time I got down there.

 Watched it for about 20 minutes, then headed back to bed!
 Check out time was 10 am.  We made it out of there about 9:45.  Since we had a few perishables, we went straight to Palm Aire.  Here we were heading into the resort.
 View of one of the pools from our room---975. 
After unpacking and getting our internet set up, we headed out.  First thing---brunch.  Ended up being Wendy's.  I actually found out they have a great selection of salads!  I got the half pecan, apple, blue cheese salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette.  It was surprisingly good ---and cheap!
Then we continued on to Wakodahatchee.  I spent many hours here before we moved.  It's an incredible rookery!  I was afraid there wouldn't be much going on there now, but my fears were unfounded.  There were tons of birds and plenty of water!

Even a few Roseate spoonbills.
 I believe this is a Sora.  They usually hide.
 A purple Gallinule munching on some wild flowers.
 one of the trees full of wood storks
 A green heron
 one of the many wood stork families
 a juvenile Great Blue Heron
 an Anhinga
 a male Greckle  Love the weird cackling and clucking sound they make.
 a nest full of babies waiting for Mom and Dad to return with lunch.
 an iguana
 female red winged blackbird
 baby gator ---  The mother swam under a bridge and the baby soon followed her.
 a Glossy Ibis and it's young.
 Blue Jay
 Red bellied Whistling Duck
 sibling tri-colored Herons
 a couple young Great Blue Herons
 a young wood stork trying to get a rather large fish down.
 young wood stork posing for it's closeup.
 another bunch of siblings.
 a Florida Cooter

 female Greckle
 a fish making a nest.
 It was a hot day---90 and humid.  So when we were done watching the birds, we decided to take an air conditioned ride over to the Loxahatchee park near where we use to live. 
If only we had a boat!
 I guess it was too hot for the gators.  None there today.
After that, it was time to run by a grocery store for milk and a few snacks, then get back to our condo to hit the pool.  It sure felt good!  Didn't go for dinner until after 7.  We headed back to Coral Springs to Millers Ale House.  Got another salad with chicken;
 Ken got the special which was a full rack of baby back ribs.

Another great meal.  And another great day!

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