Saturday, May 13, 2017

5-13-17  back to the land of Palm Trees and Flanigans!!!

Thanks to the protesters at the ATL airport (and most airports) in Feb., that caused us to end up driving to Orlando, we had to go somewhere before June 9th or loose the money we paid for the Orlando flight.  So we put it towards airfare to Fort Lauderdale.  Unknowingly, I scheduled our flight here exactly 1 year from the day we moved away from S. Florida!
Angie and Josh drove us to the ATL airport.  It actually wasn't a bad ride.  Only took about 50 minutes.  Traffic was heavy on 285 (since 85 was still closed), but it was moving.  Once at the airport, we were through security in minutes and to our gate in less then a half hour.  For such a huge airport, they move people through it very quickly!  (BTW---north bound 85 opened today!!!  South bound is expected to open tomorrow)
Our 1:55 pm flight was on time and we were in Fort Lauderdale around 4pm. 
 Having only carry on luggage, we headed straight to Budget rent a car.  Our rental was waiting for us---thanks to Fastbreak--- and soon we were on our way to Wyndham Royal Vista.    I suggested we head down Highway 1 and over to A1A for a nice ride along the beach.  (We've recently realized that's one of the things we really liked about Florida---the road system is pretty much grids, so there are multiple ways of getting around---unlike around Georgia!  When 85 burned down, 285 became the main bypass and traffic suffered even more then usual because of it. )

 It turned out to be a beautiful day here.
 The beach was beautiful.
 Pretty busy, too.
 Love this huge chair on the beach.
What I use to look like (in my mind, anyway)!
 more of our ride along A1A---Lauderdale-by-the-sea pier.
 love all the bike rentals along the area and the fishie bike racks.
  Got to Royal Vista and checked in quickly.  Managed to turn down the "owner update" and got to our room---8814 by about 6.  Nice views from our room!
 We have a 2 bedroom deluxe (for half the points of a 1 bedroom---sure love being VIP Platinum).  We don't need 2 bedrooms, but the living space in a 2 bedroom is larger then a 1 bedroom.  Plus it's nice having 2 bathrooms.  Makes us feel right at home!  Actually it's bigger then the apt. we left in S. Florida a year ago.
 Nice big livingroom, too---
 with a spectacular view.
Since we didn't want to pay the $3.95/day fee (up to $20) + toll fees that the rental car company charges, we had stopped on our way to Royal Vista and bought a portable Sunpass Transponder for $20.   Figured we'd use it in the future and were able to add it to our Sunpass account from when we lived here (we have a transponder tied strictly to our Taurus).    After Ken went online and set that up, we headed off to dinner.

 Not only do we love Flanigan's, but I was wanting to get there early in our vacation to get their souvenir glass.  I didn't bother bringing a Tervis this time because I knew I could get a glass from there. 
 Dinner was very good.  We shared a full rack of baby back ribs, fries and I got a side salad to go with it.  I was hoping to see a great sunset after dinner, but it got rather cloudy while we were eating.  Did see a big fish, though!
 Back to A1A to head up to our timeshare.  It truly is a scenic highway! 
 But first we had to wait for a drawbridge.  Not only is the ocean here, but there's an intercoastal waterway, too. 
I had hoped to go to the pool after dark, but found out it closed at dusk!  Dang!  I booked here for 2 nights so I could get some beach time and I haven't even been to the beach yet!  At least I have a great view of the ocean from our 8th floor room.

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