Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5-22-17  a final trip to the ocean, ride along A1A, and then to Wakodahatchee:

Our last full day of our vacation is upon us.  Of course we have to go to the beach again!!!  So after a breakfast at Moonlite diner, we headed back to Wyndham Palm Aire to be on the computer to check into our flight 24 hours from our flight at 12:55.  Then we were on our way to Wyndham Royal Vista so we could park free at the beach---something there isn't much of in South Florida.
This is along A1A as we were getting close to the Royal Vista.
The beach here at Royal Vista is really nice. 

It wasn't as calm as when we were staying here, but it was calmer than Sat. when we came here to enjoy the beach.
Sat. they didn't even allow the jet skies to go out.
Ken sat on the beach on one of our new thrift store chairs, while I alternated sitting enjoying the views and going in the water to enjoy the water.
There were a lot of people enjoying the water today.

It was even surprisingly clear.
I was able to easily get out far enough to get past the breakers and still stand up----most of them, anyway.
Looking back at Wyndham Royal Vista.
After a couple hours, we headed North on A1A.  I wanted to get one more trip to Wakodahatchee in, too.  So we drove up A1A all the way to Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach.
Made a short stop at Deerfield Beach so I could take a few pictures.  This is where we usually went when we lived in Coral Springs.
They certainly have a nice beach front.
Lots of people here, too.
Love how the Deerfield fire station building is painted.
Unlike by Royal Vista, there are life guards here, too.
I'm surprised the water was only 80.  It sure felt warmer. 
Then we continued North on A1A.   I love the houses along here!
All so different and all so HUGE!
Who are these people?!
There always seems to be new ones going up, too.

Love the decorative stucco work.
Love how they use hedges as decorative walls.
Downtown Delray is such a neat town.  We even happened upon the area where we went to eat with Angie and Josh a couple of times.  Would have suggested stopping for dinner again if I wasn't wanting to get to Wakodahatchee before it closed.
Part of the pretty downtown area.
One of the decorative pillars by I-95
another of them in the rearview mirror.
Finally got to Wakodahatchee about 6 pm.  We discovered that if we go when the sun starts dipping to the West, it's really quite pleasant!  There happened to be a bunch of Iguanas visible today.
a cattle egret.
Lots and lots of wood storks.  Looks like it was nearing bed time for the baby wood storks.
Cool warm reflections that time of evening, too.
another visitor.
a female grackle.
Way off in the distance were these stilts.  They have to be different from the ones on the other side of the berm.
Momma grackle and her baby.
2 of the 4 baby stilts on the other side of the berm.
She got alarmed and called them to come under cover of her body.  It was funny watching them try to defy her and her demanding them to get over there.  Eventually all 4 did cooperate.
continuing along the boardwalk.
some of the pickerelweed
a snowy egret in his mating plumage
him again.
a green heron
looking back on the boardwalk.
heading into the tree tunnel.  Lots of little birds in here in early spring, but I guess they've all migrated back to wherever they came from.
a fledgling tri colored heron.
a couple whistling ducks.
another whistling duck
on our way out, someone pointed out a nest of newborn green herons. 
Cute little guys.
At 7:30 the guard came to chase everyone out.  But we were already on our way out.  What a great way to get a few thousand steps in!
We had planned to go back to the resort and eat up the leftovers, but decided to go for wings and a burger at Lefty's instead.  Forgot how good their burgers are!!!  Unfortunately they no longer have the wings deal on Mon., just Tues.  So I got a salad and stole a bite of Ken's burger.
Then it was time to get back to the condo and pack.  Sad that our time here was almost over----again!!!! 

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