Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5-23-17  FLL-ATL

The time has come that they're kicking us out of the resort.  A lot happened to Wyndham while we were on this vacation----their new website went up (Voyager).  Meant it was down for several days while we were there, not that it really mattered.  I thought about trying to pick up another day at Royal Vista, but we just went there and hung out at the beach and pool instead.  But the new system has millions of Wyndham owners now in an uproar.  Lots of changes!  The biggest change for me is I don't know if I'll be able to do any more cancel / re-book for discounted points/ get free upgrades anymore.  Oh well, I guess time will tell.  At least I'm one of the ones who can get on the site now and have made a couple good reservations with upgrades in the past couple days---probably for units others are loosing because they had overlapping reservations (one of the new things---must have different names on overlapping reservations within 48 hours or one will automatically be cancelled).  Calling into Wyndham now has about a 2 hour wait.  Progress........................

We checked out of Palm Aire at 10 am and leisurely made our way to the airport.  We had a 12:55 flight on SW.
Good old FLL airport as seen from I-595
Got to the airport with plenty of time to do nothing.  I did get on the computer and delete a bunch of pictures while we waited.

Our flight was on time and not crowded.  Nice having a seat between us.  It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but we've flown enough that it didn't really bother us that much.
 Good overview of Port Everglades.  We've been here many times to catch cruises.  Hopefully will be here for many more.

view of where the cruise ships leave Port Everglades.
 Fort Lauderdale coastline.

  Trying to see where the reef is near the shore.  I often see diver down flags from the beach.  Always wondered what the snorkeling would be like there.
 Thought the block in the middle of this picture was interesting.
 I believe the road going horizontally is I-75 (alligator alley).  The Everglades fill most of the picture.
 We had company on our flight.
 Part of ATL airport.   Love the ceiling.
 Angie was there waiting for us and our ride back to north of Atlanta went surprisingly smoothly.  Nice having I-85 back open.
It was a nice 10 night trip.  Still feel really comfortable in South Florida.  Still can't believe that I really like South Florida that much!!!

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