Sunday, May 14, 2017

5-14-17  a very merry Mother's Day!!!

Missed the kids, but enjoyed where I was!  Too bad they weren't here, too!  Who doesn't love a beautiful beach?!!!  And butterflies and birds???!  And great food???  And a sunset on the beach?  And relaxing in a pool???
But first----we made a trip back to the airport.  Ken had been fighting with our Acura's fob.  It didn't want to start right away.  Kept coming up with key errors.  So we went back to the airport and the car rental center.  They were totally understanding and quickly changed out our car---another Acura, but a newer one and, so far, no fob problems. 
Then we headed down A1A to one of our favorite breakfast places in Pompano---Sunshine Bagel.  Had a long wait for our food---about 40 minutes, but it was good.  Then it was time to go back to our resort and head to the beach!

Ken stayed in the room, but I still enjoyed the beach! The water felt great!  Probably about 80 degrees.    This is looking straight back at our resort---Wyndham Royal Vista.
 One of the calmer days that we've been there, too.  This is looking north from our resort.
 This is looking south.
 this is looking under water.
 This is looking straight out.
 one more back towards the resort.  So calm there were great reflections today.
After a couple hours there, I dragged myself back to the room and got ready to go to the Butterfly World.  They were running a Mother's Day special where Mom's got in for $10 (instead of the normal $30).  I use to be a member there when we lived here.  Ken elected to stay back in the condo, so I went by myself.  There were lots of families here.  But it use to be crowded when I was a member, too.  I'm surprised how much people will spend on stuff like this!
 some of the bougainvillea
 Into the garden----I believe this is a Malachite butterfly.
 I'll have to look up some of them in my butterfly guide when I get home.
 The state flower of Hawaii
 I believe this is a blue morph.  You wouldn't know it from the under side, but the top of their wings are a brilliant blue.
 Lots of these guys here,.
 Just liked the shadows on these cool leaves.
 another Malachite.
 I think they called this a bird wing.
 a wide angle of one of the tropical room.
 another cool flower.
 another cool butterfly.  There are lots of these guys in S. Florida.
 Leaving the tropical room and heading to the aviaries.

 along the walk of passion flowers.

 Stephanotis ---When I worked at The Flower Pot I learned these were often used in wedding bouquets because they smell really good and are rather expensive.
 into the first aviary building.
 I don't remember there being parakeets in here before, but there were a bunch of them this time.  Wonder what happened to all the birds that were in here before?

 This guy must have felt out of place.
 A colorful neighborhood.

 on to the next aviary.
 More colorful little birds.

 a tiny quail

 This aviary had many of the birds I saw there before. 
 It was rather hot today---in the low 90s.  I imagine that's why the birds weren't too active.
 inside the 2nd aviary.
 The swinging bridge that leads to the 2nd aviary.  It really did swing!
The troll of the bridge.
 from near the outdoor cafe looking back towards the 2nd aviary and swinging bridge.
 interesting flowers.

 These were actually named "hairy balls"!
 This guy was wondering around out in the open---wonder if he was planted or natural?  They said he was a Monarch caterpillar. 
 Heading back to the car.  Ken said it stormed big time while I was out.  I didn't hit any rain.  So typical of S. Florida!
 while I was out that way, I ran by the Wyndham Palm Aire and checked us in.  I double booked tonight so we wouldn't have to be homeless with parrishables for 6+ hours tomorrow.  After checking in, I left.
For dinner, we headed to another favorite place that we didn't go to very often when we lived here because it was about a 30 minutes ride from our place in Coral Springs.  But it isn't far from the Pompano Wyndhams----Lester's Diner.
This may not look very appetizing, but it was very good---London broil in a greek sauce.  It, 2 sides, a drink, a salad, and dessert all for $17.99 Mother's Day special. 
 Ken got the fried clams.  All this, plus another side and salad for $11.99 was a great deal.
 Then I wanted to go back to the beach for awhile more.  Not many people out there at 7:30.  Ken wouldn't go in, so I just waded around.
 Then we hit the pool---all to ourselves---and watched the sunset from the pool deck.

Thus ended another great day!

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