Saturday, May 13, 2017

5-13-17 Wyndham Royal Vista:

Ok, this isn't my photo, but it's a stock photo, so I assume it's ok to add it to my blog. As this shows, Royal Vista isn't a huge resort, but it is all on the beach side of A1A.  That makes it a premium Wyndham resort!
Originally when I was booking our accommodations, I couldn't get the first 2 nights at Palm Aire (at least not with the free upgrade).  So I figured if I was going to have to split the reservation, we might as well spend a couple nights on the beach.  Glad we did!  Especially since I was able to get this unit as a free upgrade.  We were in a 2 bedroom deluxe.  I believe deluxe means it faces the ocean and the plain 2 bedrooms face A1A.  But the layouts and furnishing are the same---I think.

This is the master bedroom.  Nice and comfy---although it is one of those master bedrooms that has a huge jacuzzi in the room.  At least the rest of the bathroom area does have doors!
 the livingroom area.
 kitchen.  Nice and big.
 another view of the living room from the dining room table.  I like that you can see the tv from the dining room table.  Made a great place to set up the laptop.
 the 2nd bedroom. 
 the 2nd bath.  Even when it's just the 2 of us, we like getting a 2 bedroom for the extra bathroom and larger living area.
 view from our patio.
 another view from our patio showing the 2 smaller of the 3 small pools.  The round one is a shallow baby pool.  No jacuzzi on the grounds, just in the master bedroom.
 sunrise from our room.  If I remember correctly, I believe we were in room 8814.  It was pretty much straight above the lobby, but far enough up that there was no noise.  It had great views of the ocean---even though there is a smaller building with some 1 bedroom deluxe rooms blocking part of the view.
 another view of sunrise.
 kitchen again.
 from kitchen to dining room and living room.
 from patio door towards kitchen.  Front door to the left of the fridge.
 Now for some of the "bad"---- some of the finishes and repairs were poorly done.
 They also rigged the ac and hid the controls in a closet. 
 there is still a controller on the wall, but it doesn't work---except to show what you set the thermostat on and what the temp is.  Would have been nice if they told us that.  Ken did find the hidden thermostat in the closet, though.
 More of the "repairs".  Rather unsightly.
 Also, this is the "clean" master shower.
 The cabinets in the bathrooms were weathered, too, but I don't think they were suppose to be.
Despite the negatives, I would stay here again.  The beach here is really nice.  The main pool is small but nice.  The location is good. 

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