Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sept. 20-23, 2016---St. Thomas Margaritaville 3 bedroom Presidential Reserve condo:

A relatively new club of Wyndhams---Margaritavilles.  We aren't Margaritaville owners, but they let Wyndham VIPs reserve some of the excess units within something like 60 days out.  It's usually studio units, but we lucked into getting a 3 bedroom presidential reserve unit for our first ever stay in a Margaritaville.  It was gorgeous! 

The entrance to the lobby.  Love the parrots in the fountain.

A sign in the lobby
waiting area in the lobby

The name of the building we were in

we were in unit 7102

taken from the sliding doors to the patio looking into the living area of the unit.
to the left from the front door.  This hallway led to the 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
 the bar complete with a Margaritaville machine which we decided didn't shave the ice well enough.  it came out even thicker then a snow cone.
the large kitchen to the right of the front door.
another picture from the sliding glass doors to the patio
interesting artwork
love this lamp made to look like sea biscuits
also loved the L-shaped couch. 
There was even an ice maker below the bar.  It made tiny ice cubes.
Love the counters and waterfall side.
some of the furnishings.
decor on the counter.
more glassware.
place settings for 8
complimentary starter pack
pots and pans in case anyone actually cooks on vacation.
back to the livingroom and the interesting flower arrangement
another view down the hallway
from the sliding doors to the patio by the master bedroom looking towards the en suite bathroom.
from the doorway towards the sliders
on the nightstand in the master bedroom.
master bath
huge shower.  My daughter did say that no matter how careful she was water got all over the floor.
linen closet
furniture on the master patio.  The big round thing was really comfy!
the middle bathroom
shower in middle bathroom
more of the middle bathroom
middle bedroom.  love the braided rope headboard
the 3rd bedroom-
each room also had their own ac controller which was nice.
the 3rd bathroom.
the PResidential Reserve started packs in each of the bathrooms.
shower/tub combo.  There was also a higher shower head.
the 3rd bedroom's patio with comfy round chair.
weekly activity sheet
Room Service menu.  Not sure if this is just for Presidential reserve units or if they all have it.
The prices for room service were actually cheaper then eating at the Margaritaville restaurant.
we went to the restaurnat 3 times.  Never did try room service.

We were in the lower part of this building---I'm standing on the beach taking this picture.

standing at the water's edge looking at our room.
from our lawn looking straight out.  We spent some time lounging on those very chairs.
another angle of our unit to the beach

from my patio
also from my patio
wide angle from my patio
looking towards the rest of Margaritaville from our beach
more to the right
water toys for rent. Should have gone and checked out the pricing!  I'm assuming the chairs and umbrellas were free to those staying here.  They didn't come and kick us out of them.
the pool---right next to our unit.
more of the pool
even had tables in it for drinks.  Right behind it is the "Somewhere" Bar.
We spent some time in the pool, too.  It was fantastic!
love the signs.
close up of the pool bar
inside the pool bar.
looking out from the pool bar.
another view from the pool bar dining area.  Note the busy pool!
One day we tried to eat lunch in the pool, but this iguana was insisting on joining us.  When it started to jump, we decided to move to a table on the patio.

The Margaritaville restaurant.
balloon decor in the restaurant.
Christmas candy cane?  In Sept.?
inside the air conditioned restaurant. 
love the high ceiling and the exposed beams.
one of the table tops.
More interesting beams.
quite the menu.
my delicious breakfast the one day we had breakfast there. 
We always ate outside.  The one morning we got to eat to a downpour.
it poured, then cleared up when we were ready to head out
Happy hour is great!  Two of the same drinks  for the price of 1.  I think it was from  5-7?  I will admit that the pina collada was very sweet and creamy.  Ended up diluting it with water. 
The blue cheese burger was great!  As were their fries.  Love the plate it came on.
view from our seats at dinner.
another view.
heading out.
the pool bar at night.
love the surf board showers by the pool.
pool at night.  It was open until 10.

one of the corn hole games by the pool
views of the beach from our unit again.

view of the pool from our unit.
views just outside the restaurant going towards the pool.
a private dock!  No Trespassing!!  OK!!!!
guard of the boat dock.
We did try snorkeling at the beach there, but contrary to how this picture came out, the water was very dirty! 
After this picture where I couldn't see hardly anything (surprising the photos edited this well), we got out.
the guard watching us
the huge hot tub
the little town hall area of Margaritaville.
store and coffee shop, with the building in the back where you go for the "updates".
wide angle of town hall.
the area of Margaritaville still not open, but looks pretty close to being done.
We had a wonderful time here!  Maybe because it was Sept., but it wasn't busy at all!  I hope to come back here some day for longer then 3 nights!  But I doubt I'll ever be able to get the 3 bedroom Presidential reserve unit upgrade again!

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