Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Feb. 6, 2017  hanging around the resort:

Yeah, they talked us into going to the "owner update".  We often say, "No" to the "updates", but hadn't been to the one here in awhile so decided to go and get our $50 resort gift card.  It was scheduled for this morning.  They were suppose to send someone to pick us up---as a courtesy---at 10:30.  10:30 came and went.  But she did arrive about 20 'til.  She immediately asked why we were doing the "presentation".  Told her because the guy with the parking pass told us to.  She told us we didn't have to, but by then I was wanting the $50.  So we went.  Of course it took longer then the hour they promised---but that's no surprise.  Signed some paper, again, saying that we reject paying $34,000 to convert our week to Holiday Inn Resorts.  They kept showing us what we could have gotten if we hadn't rejected it---to which I said why are you showing us that now?  We've been to lots of "owner update" presentation (we own at Wyndham and Worldmark, too) so the hard sales don't bother us too often.  This one was no exception.  Got our 5 $10 coupons and used them for 2 nights dinners at their on-site sports bar restaurant and some danishes for our ride back to Atlanta.  But by the time we were done with this presentation, we just hung around the resort.
There are actually a lot of birds around the resort.  Here's another one right outside our back patio---a white ibis.
 more flowers by our condo.

One of  the ponds we passed on the way to the "presentation" had these guys in it, so I talked Ken into fishing for awhile and I went to check them out---hooded mergansers--don't remember seeing them before.
 This is the pond they were in---one of the many ponds in the resort property.
 Even saw a couple ibises there
and this Great Blue Heron.
 The hooded mergansers again.
 female hooded merganser---love their mohawks!
 Walking around the pond

 Seen a lot of these guys in South Florida last year.  Tim and Faith gave me a butterfly guide book for x-mas so now I know this is a White Peacock Tropical Bushfoot.  Never seen them anywhere but in Florida.
 After my little excursion, I walked back to the fishing pond where Ken was "fishing".  It's catch and release only, but he didn't have to worry about that since he was "fishing" and not "catching".
 Only water life we saw there was this snake.  Where's a great white egret when you need it?!
 There are also a few of these really big birds that wander all over the property--Sand Hill Cranes.
 On the way back to our condo, we stopped at the office to get an owner's card for 10% off at the resort restaurants.  I saw a sign about it at dinner last night and they said the office would give us one.  The office gave us a temporary one and said they  no longer give out permanent ones, but each time we're there we can ask for another temporary one.  OK, works for me!  While we were there Ken hung out with his new Minion buddies--
Back at the condo, there was LOVE in the air! 
 I decided to take a couple pictures of the flowers behind our condo.
 Don't often see blue flowers anywhere but in Florida.
Looking across from the front porch:
Looking left from our front porch
Too bad they don't allow fishing in that pond.  I wonder if they allow fishing in the lake behind our condo?
 We finally got some pool and jacuzzi time in, too.
Then it was time to catch the sunset over the lake behind our place, again.
We did leave the property that afternoon for an early dinner---went to Miller's Ale House again.  It was their baby back ribs night---yummm.  Nice that it's so close to the resort property!
May not have been a very adventurous day today, but it was still great!