Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feb 7, 2017 --Part 2, on to Disney Springs:

Even though we didn't do any of the Disney parks this trip, we did go to one of the Disney resorts for an early dinner.  Last year some friends showed us how to take the ferries from Disney Springs to Port Orleans.  We had a really great carved turkey dinner there in their Mill Cafeteria and decided to try and do that again today.  Only problem was that we got there before 5 and they don't have the carved meals before then.  But the boat ride and lunch at Port Orleans was still a lot of fun and tasty.

Loved these palm tree columns on a building in Disney Springs.
Waiting for the ferry boat

from the ferry boat
 even got to do some birding from the ferry.
 I believe this is part of Disney's Saratoga Resort.

 along the canals
 and walking/cart bridges
 a great white egret preening itself
 a bunch of the vehicles to rent at Port Orleans

 looking towards the lobby of the resort
 one of the ferries coming into Port Orleans
 Looking towards the Mill cafe where we had a late lunch.
 Ken's fish and chips and my pulled pork sandwich were both excellent.

 the river cruise takes about 30 minutes from one end to the other, but it's a nice relaxing cruise.
 the dock at Port Orleans.
 cruising on back to Disney Springs.

 one of the Treehouse villas.
 back to Saratoga resort
 we switched ferries and headed across the lake to the West side.  Saw this interesting boat along our way.
 In Disney Springs----liked the look of this restaurant.
 cool folk art decor

 interesting sculptures.
Didn't hang around Disney Springs too long.  Soon we were on our way back to our resort.  Near our resort, there's a Margaritaville being built!  Wonder if Wyndham resorts will have some rooms there?
 Time to chill out with another IPA on our back patio.
 Wasn't there too long when Ken said there was a rainbow out front.  So I had to go check it out.
 It was gorgeous.

 Then I noticed the color in the clouds to the north, so I ran back to the back yard (West side).
 Got there just as the sun was setting.
 It was another pretty sunset
From visiting the dinosaurs at Harry P Leu, to dining at Disney, it was another busy, fun day.

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