Thursday, December 8, 2016

12-8-16 a day at sea:

A day to wander around the ship and rest up a little before the next 3 port days.  I suppose it's a neat idea to have these exercise equipment pieces along the walking deck, but they sure didn't get used much.  In fact, the whole deck didn't get used much. 
 Nice that they have filet mignon and shrimp in the Lido cafe for dinner.  They even had lobster one night.

   We happened to be free when the ping pong tournament was going on, so we entered it.  We used to play a lot of ping pong in our basement about 100 years ago.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could still play halfway decently.  I actually got a little too confident and tried to get a little too aggressive.  Ended up loosing 15-14 in my 2nd match after taking an 8-1 lead and leading all the way to 14.  Ken even entered, but was eliminated in the first round.  There were several guys that even brought their own ping pong paddles.  The winner was one of them.  Regardless, it was fun playing again!

I also went to a computer class on making movies with Windows Movie Maker.  I've done that on 3 or 4 cruises now and it always seems to be different!  Some day I may even make some movies on my home computer!
There was a video on the Lido movie screen in the afternoon about the filming of BBC specials.  As a photographer, I was interested in that.  We watched it from the pool and jacuzzi.  I had hope it would be a little more technical, but it was still interesting.
We also made it to the World Stage for a talk about what to see and do in Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba, even though we pretty much knew what we were going to do in Bonaire and Curacao.
Around 5pm, I headed up to my spot on level 12 to watch the sun set.  Wasn't sure if there was going to be much of one with all the clouds, but stayed to see it anyway.
 Glad I did.  It cleared up quite a bit by sunset.
 Made a rather pretty sky.
 Still not a lot of color, but still pretty.
 The show on the World Stage tonight was by Duncan Tuck.  We were really looking forward to his show.  Turns out, we had shared a table with him and his wife on embarkation day.  Had a really nice conversation with them.  After visiting for about an hour, we learned he was one of the guest performers.  At that time, he still didn't even know when he was performing.  But he did know he was leaving in Bonaire to fly to a Princess ship and his wife, Terri, was flying back home to Denver then.  Apparently they have to give up their room to an incoming performer.  We ran across Duncan and Terri a couple more times and even shared another table with them for another meal.  We actually met a lot of really interesting people on the cruise, but Duncan and Terri were among the most memorable. 
He even had a slide show of make believe book titles and make believe authors to keep the audience entertained before the show started.  
The Activities director was very personable, too, and always introduced the acts.  If I remember correctly, his name is Jason.  
We were not disappointed in Duncan Turk's performance!  He was very very good.  He could have easily been a serious singer/guitar player even without the comedy, but he was also very funny.  We even heard lots of people all around us commenting on how much they enjoyed his show.
 He's quite possibly the best guitarist I've ever seen and heard.  And I'm a little prejudice about that since our son plays guitar, too.
 Back in our room for the night, this little guy greeted us.
I usually prefer port days, but this was a pretty good day!

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