Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12-7-16 Amber Cove, Dominican Republic (8am-5:30pm) :

This is a new cruise port.  Only open since 2015.  I didn't have much success researching snorkel areas near here, so we just planned to stay in the port area.  It was another early port day.  Today we even woke up in time to see a pretty sunrise.
The port is in a pretty area.  I had hoped it would be like Grand Turk and we could swim in the ocean there, too, but the water here was very murky.

This map was on the pier as we were walking to the port.
rentals here.
These water cabanas rented for $320!  There was a sign by them saying "swim at your own risk".   Later I walked around there and found there's a bar there that anyone can go to.
We spent most of our time at the free pool.
 It even had a swim up bar--which we didn't use. 
It was quite large and very nice!  
 It went around in a circle (without being a lazy river) and had different features all around it.  Here there was a zero entry concrete pool.
Here are the pool and hillside cabanas renting for $295.  Looked like one got rented.
one of the bridges over  part of the pool.
these loungers looked inviting---partially submerged.
 nice landscaping.
 We hung out under the bridge now and then to get out of the sun.
 more seating areas at the side of the pool.
 over view of the back area of the pool.
 There was even a nice play area for kids. 
We don't see many kids on HAL cruises.
They certainly have a lot of loungers!
 I decided to walk over to the cabanas and check them out.
Note how murky the water is by the cabanas!
 Neat idea, but I can't see it being successful without clear water!
Another lounging area 
 They also had a zip line and a slide.  We heard the slide was really fast and jarring.  The zip lines were $20 for the whole day.  We saw a lot of young crew members using them.  Nice to see them out having fun.
 view from our loungers.
every hour or so the bar workers would come out and dance to the music, too.  It was a nice touch.
 On our way back to the ship I took a little detour to see what was by the little man made waterfall.
 I guess this explains how this cove got it's name!
 The lizard in the amber.

Back on the ship and looking to the left of the cove.  Looks like there's a nice path to walk on all the way to this lookout.
Looking towards the pier.
looking to the right of the lookout.
 just to the left of the pier.  There were people getting in here.  Wonder if it was any clearer?!
 closeup of the terrain.
 another view of the cabanas
close up of the little beach to the left of the pier.
a bar part way up the hill 
close up of the lookout.
 wonder if the chairs were free here?
Again we were in port at sunset.  There was another evac.  Don't remember if it was today or yesterday.  Rumor has it a person died of natural causes and was flown back to their country.  The captain didn't announce details about the 2nd evac.  
 cruising out.
 looks like a nice beach area on the other side of the lookout peninsula.
 looking East.
 pretty nice sunset tonight.
 looking West.

 Back on board we did go to the World Stage to see another good comedian/ventriloquist---Mike Robinson.
 Even went to the Lido movie---Miracle on 34th Street about an old man who claimed to be Santa and was institutionalized as insane, but a young lawyer defends him and argues he's the real thing.  Cute movie.
Back in our cabin for the night was this guy to greet us----
Not our favorite type of port day, but fun none the less.  If we ever go back there I think I'll walk over and check out those other beaches and the lookout. 

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